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Special reports (microsites)

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Somaliland families on the move

Children on the move in the Horn of Africa

Children are moving on an enormous scale in the Horn of Africa. The report highlights how children’s movement is driven by different motivations, exposes children to different forms of harm, and presents multiple barriers to accessing services. This report is the first in a series of studies in the Horn of Africa aimed at building knowledge to improve Unicef’s programmes which support children on the move...
FFP Cover Main

Are the world's richest countries family friendly?

Family-friendly policies matter because they help children to get a better start in life and help parents to find the right balance between their comm...
S4D report cover image

Getting into the game

Sport is a powerful tool for involving all children – including the most marginalized and vulnerable – in group activities from an early a...
RC15 Report Card Website

An Unfair Start

In the world’s richest countries, some children do worse at school than others because of circumstances beyond their control, such as where they...