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Achieving Gender Equality in Families: The role of males. Global Seminar Report, 1995

Family and Parenting Support: Policy and Provision in a Global Context
This publication seeks to develop a research agenda on family support and parenting support globally. An integrated and life-course approach to children ...

Key Findings on Families, Family Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals: Synthesis Report
This synthesis report, ‘Families, Family Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Key Findings’ explores how the role of families, and family ...

The Outcomes of Teenage Motherhood in Europe
This paper analyses the current situation of women whose first child was born when they were teenagers, across 13 countries in the European Union, based ...

The 'Family-in-Focus' Approach: Developing policy-oriented monitoring and analysis of human development in Indonesia
Socio-economic and political turmoil in Indonesia has had an impact on the country's thirty years of progress in social development. However, it has also ...