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Displaced children  - 03.01

Scope note:
Children who have fled or been driven from their communities to other localities within their country or territory. For children forced to leave their home country, use "Refugee children"
Broader term:
Related term:


Accused children
Adopted children
Child heads of household
Child soldiers
Child workers
Children as witnesses
Children born out of wedlock
Children concerned by adoption
Children deprived of their family environment
         Abandoned children
Children deprived of their liberty
         Arrested children
         Child prisoners of war
         Children born in prison
         Detained children
         Imprisoned children
Children in armed conflicts
         Child prisoners of war
Children in emergency situations
Children in especially difficult circumstances
Children of working parents
Convicted children
Disabled children
         Mentally disabled children
         Physically disabled children
Displaced children
Foster children
Indigenous children
Migrant children
Minority children
         Ethnic minority children
         Language minority children
         Religious minority children
Poor children
Refugee children
         Accompanied refugee children
         Unaccompanied refugee children
Street children
Unborn children

03.01 -   Refugee children
Displaced children

Displaced   children